Lecture: Security aspects for email service providers

Learned from 13 years running email service

Practical security aspects of running an email service provider from an entrepreneur who has been running a commerical email service for 13 years. From a business and leadership perspective.
Started email service Runbox in 1999. Has deployed over one million email accounts and sold 50 000 yearly email subscriptions.

Security from an organizational, insititutional and legal perspective.

Handling subphonas from Scandinavia, Norway.
Handling subphoenas from USA.
Handling subphoneas from FBI.
Legal threats.
Legal requirements.

Insider threats.
Consulting threats.
Corporate alterts and warning systems.

Technical threats from a leadership perspective.

Thoughts on safety for the future:
Make it more expensive to track and monitor.

Multiple accounts.
Fake addresses.
Fake street address.
Split up the infrastructure.
Multiple juristictions.
Account management.
Lock down passwords.
Legal preparation.
Plausible denial.
Passing through customs.


Day: 2014-11-02
Start time: 17:15
Duration: 00:45
Room: Stora hörsalen
Track: The Unrestricted Web
Language: en



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