Lecture: Teaching ethics and society issues for students in information systems or computer science.

This event is not going to be recorded

The topic if this event is how to teach ethics and society issues for computer science or information system students at a university introductory level. I will discuss my own teaching which has received good feedback from students and what we can learn from this.

For the past years I have been teaching a course "Ethics and IT-professionality" for first-year students in information systems. From the feedback I have got, this have been spot on.

The main topics are:
- The technological development (history).
- Introduction to ethics.
- Privacy and surveillance.
- Freedom of speech and censorship.
- Intellectual property rights. Patents, copyright, copyleft.
- Other topics like hacking, hacktivism, open standards, digital divide, etc..

It is obviously not just ethics but also society issues, Some of these topics has a focus on human rights and free society. culture that IT-professionals care about, law, etc.. I have had an almost surprising success with this course and want to get more knowledge on why this is the case. I also want to develop it further and hope to come out with some recommendations for how one can give such a course for students in information systems or computer science in general. Since there is a lack of textbooks in this area in Scandinavia I hope to create some interest in writing such a book as a collaborative project.

I have been given a 50K grant from the Excited project (NTNU/Nord University) to do this research. My talk on FSCONS would be a part of this work.


Day: 2017-11-05
Start time: 15:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: Smalltalk
Track: Open Technology: Infrastructure of the Future?
Language: en



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