Lecture: The lie of a black hoodie: hack the planet!

Some history and pentesting perspectives

This event is not going to be recorded

We will define hacker, we will not use hats. We will take a look at extremely exciting history facts, societal changes and subjects brought forward by hacking and check out the European network of hackerspaces and events.

Media is wrong and has been using very cheap stock photos of hoodies,
while better hoodies are available.

At the same time, hacktivists around the world engage in responsible disclosure, take part in FOSS projects and bring up important topics.
Can hacking bring positive change to society? What is the current agenda?

Also: how embracing hackers leads to getting lots of good resp disclosures, and a bit about technical and logic mistakes/hacks with some examples.

With Stef van Dop


Day: 2017-11-05
Start time: 11:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: Smalltalk
Track: Changing society: Redefining social structures for resilience.
Language: en


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