Lecture: Untapped Malicious Potential

Is rDDoS like pollution?

What is the best way to estimate the maximum rDDoS of the internet?

Does it change over time?

Sounds crazy to even try to estimate right?

This presentation will cover the details of the calculation, and how we can track these numbers over time. We will also do some visualisation of this data and initiate discussion of where our resources should be spent best in fighting the threat of rDDoS attacks. The key contribution is an extensible methodology for measuring global potential for rDDoS attacks, in realistic terms of throughput. Why might this matter to DDoS mitigation, and what can we learn by watching these trends over time?


Day: 2017-11-04
Start time: 15:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: Java
Track: Open Technology: Infrastructure of the Future?
Language: en



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