Workshop: How to setup your own secure communication and collaboration platform?

With open source software.

Data is only as secure as the location you store it allows it to be. Nowadays there are quite a few commercial and open source file hosting services, but how secure are these? Server side encryption? How well can you trust your server (or the platform thats running on?

Kolab is an open source communication and collaboration platform that enables users to share information, make appointments, manage todolists and a wealth of other functionality.
It also has a file storage application that integrates very nicely with other regular desktop file explorers and the functional components in the Kolab Groupware server.

In this workshop we’ll setup our own Kolab server and connect our groupware and webmail environment to a filesharing solution to enable maximum functionality and optimal security.


Day: 2015-11-07
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: C444
Track: Everyday Crypto




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