Lecture: Let's Encrypt

A Free and Automated Certificate Authority

Getting digital certificates that browsers will accept can be costly and time-consuming for Web site operators. That's a major reason many sites still don't use HTTPS security.

This November, a robotic certificate authority will start issuing publicly-trusted certificates, at no charge, by the millions. Called Let's Encrypt, this CA is an initiative of several organizations. Our free and open source software and protocol will let system administrators run a single command to turn on HTTPS on their servers in about a minute, helping eliminate obstacles to activating encryption for every Web server. Hosting companies may also do this on a large scale on behalf of their customers.

I'll describe how it works, give a demo, and describe how to help the project.


Day: 2015-11-07
Start time: 16:15
Duration: 00:45
Room: C444
Track: Everyday Crypto




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