Lecture: The Tools of Open Science

Lessons learnt from the democratization of technologies

An understanding of the role of technologies by everyone, especially through community-led and DIY tools and techniques (sometimes referred to as frugal innovation), in the co-production of knowledge is key to address local social and environmental issues.

The Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (Public Lab) is a grassroots organisation that aims at democratizing technologies for social and environmental justice. People from all around the world have been taking initiative to investigate and redress issues around them; by doing so, they contribute to a growing community and body of knowledge, which in turn build a network of support - on- and off-line. As London-based community organiser, Pablo Rey will share the lessons learnt in their journey building up Public Lab since 2010 - specifically, the use and development of open source tools and techniques for open science.

Since a few years ago, the democratization of tools is gaining a new challenging field: biology. Bento Lab is a portable laboratory which aims to make biotechnology widely available to citizen scientists, students, makers and artists. How does this device change our vision of what a biotech laboratory looks like? What kind of projects and applications become real options? Are people becoming citizen bio-scientists? As a cofounder of Bento Lab, Philipp Boeing will share the perspectives opened by the dissemination of a biotech mobile lab in terms of impacts on our society and the ability of each of us to innovate with biology.


Day: 2015-11-07
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: C361
Track: Biohacking



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