Lecture: Cryptech

Opening Up the Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Certificate Authorities, Banks, Domain registrars, governments are just some of all organizations that needs high quality crypto keys, good protection of keys and secure use of keys. To meet these requirements, machines called a HSMs (Hardware Security Module) are employed. These machines are tamper proof, crypto and storage modules that really are black boxes. If you try to open up a HSM, it will destroy itself and the data it protects.

So how do you trust your HSM? The vendor will promise that their product works as intended and is secure. Government programs will validate HSMs and stamp seals of approvals. And yet, thanks to Snowden we now know that those seals and promises may not be the truth and worth your trust.

The Cryptech project was founded with the goal of developing an open reference design and platform for HSMs that anybody can assemble, test and validate until they can trust their HSM.

The talk will describe what the Cryptech project are designing, the challenges of designing high security hardware and software in an open project and what we do to solve the challenges. The talk will describe some of the functions we have today and are currently working on. There will be blinking LEDs and crypto boards.

Edward Snowden thinks that Cryptech is an awesome project, hopefully you will too!


Day: 2015-11-07
Start time: 11:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: C444
Track: Everyday Crypto



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