Meeting: Our Access to Nature

Conversation between biohacking and shamanism

Join this convivial meeting where we will examine the view on, and the relation to nature from the perspective of biohacking and shamanism. Do biohacking and shamanism share common values and philosophy on the access to nature? Is the biological engineering approach too different from natural applications or is there a common bioethical view under which they can be reunited? It will be the occasion to imagine an exploration into the Amazon forest with all the open source scientific mobile tools surrounding us, but also how we could interact and share practices and knowledges with the shamans population.

Martin Malthe Borch, cofounder of the Copenhagen biohackerspace Biologigaragen, and Christine M Borch, a choregrapher who performed researches on plant shamanism in the Amazon forest, will share with us their experiences over a very special beer... Indeed you will be invited to enjoy a green algae beer from a social and aesthetic installation « the algae bar » and discover some experiments exploring nature through our relation to fermentations.

The goal of this session is to have a common moment where all people specialized in many different kind of topics are invited to participate to this original discussion and have some unusual beer with us to close the biohack track of FSCONS 2015


Day: 2015-11-07
Start time: 18:15
Duration: 00:45
Room: C361
Track: Biohacking



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