Speaker: Dataskydd.NET


Amelia Andersdotter and Anders Jensen-Urstad have been covering technology and policy in the Brussels bubble between 2013 and 2014. They are presently working with Swedish data protection NGO Dataskydd.NET.

About Amelia:

Amelia Andersdotter has been the Swedish MEP for the Pirate Party between December 2011 and July 2014. She is committed to the Internet in society and the various issues that it entails, not only at the technical level but also in the social, cultural and political.

Amelia is an internationally sought after speaker and expert on the issues of the information society, intellectual property and IT policies. She has worked to find ways to facilitate engagement in European politics around the internet, both through direct interactions with the European Commission and through their work in parliament. Amelia was named one of the world's most important Internet activists in 2012 for his work with ACTA in the European Parliament.


About Anders:

Anders Jensen-Urstad has built websites and maintained servers since the days of Linux 2.0.x, Perl and cgi-bin. After a stint as a professional pirate in the European Parliament he’s now involved in Dataskydd.net, a Swedish organization working on data protection issues, and works for a library doing things with open access and free software. He’s interested in intellectual property law and beer and a bunch of other things and hails from Stockholm, Sweden.