Speaker: Manuel Lains


Manuel Antonio Pettersen Lains has a master in nanotechnology and informatics and is a central board member of the Pirate Party in Norway.

Manuel Lains ('Spectral') is a computer engineer by profession, graduating from the University of Oslo in 2011 with a M.Sc. in the field of Instrumentation and Measurement Technology (thesis "A magnetometer instrument for Attitute Determination in a nanosatellite."). Throughout his life Manuel has been an avid computer enthusiast, gamer and citizen of the Internet.

Growing up on the internet only to eventually witness it being threatened by backwards institutions of power, like Hollywood, watching individuals' lives getting ruined in the name of information control, Manuel became a strong believer in the Pirate cause, looking to our Swedish neighbors as they started the first ever Pirate Party. Consequently, Manuel took an active part in starting up the Norwegian Pirate Party in 2012 and today, being chairman of the Oslo Pirate Party branch as well as a member of the central board, is still a dedicated supporter of the sovereignty of the Internet, individual privacy and freedom.

In recent years Manuel was sucked into the field of cryptocurrencies, which, introducing the final piece of the puzzle with P2P value transfer, appears to be the natural next step towards an Internet Declaration of Independence. As the Internet gave us democratization of information, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology will give us democratization of finance. As the advent of the Internet led to a revolution in individual information access and participation, cryptocurrencies will, by the same note, lead to a revolution in financial access and participation.