Speaker: Christian Lains

Christian Lains recently got his master's degree in
philosophy, and is deeply involved in the BitShares community.

Christian Lains ('CLains') has been obsessively involved with the BitShares community since late 2013, along the way being trusted with access to the Bitshares website, managing community bounties and writing for the BitShares wiki. Christian recently graduated from University of Oslo with a masters degree in philosophy (thesis: "Perceptual Representation: Content, Constancies and Consciousness"). Christian has previously been involved both in gaming as a professional cyberathlete and on TV as an actor.

Growing up Christian felt a spiritual desolation cutting to the core of society and sought refuge in questions about the natural world (physics), questions about the human experience (consciousness) and the promise of exponentially growing information-technologies (techno-optimism). In this light Christian saw Bitcoin in 2011 as yet another exponential technology that might offer some hope for the future.

It was not until 2013, after completing his thesis, that Christian realized the force of Bitcoin's technology. Inspired by Daniel Larimer's work on economic philosophy Christian saw the incredibly far-reaching implications of consensus-technologies and its potential impact on the world. Christian is also increasingly of the belief that we find ourselves in a precarious global economic situation in dire and urgent need of these solutions, and that the moral obligation falls upon all of us to provide these solutions if no one else is.