Speaker: Birgitta Jónsdóttir

Poetician and activist in the Icelandic Parliament for the Pirate Party.

Birgitta Jonsdottir was born in Reykjavik, Iceland 1967. She has lived in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, USA, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands. She is currently living in Iceland.

Birgitta has been active in the Icelandic literature, music, and art scenes for more then 20 years and is considered one of the pioneers in bringing Art and Literature to the Internet. Her first book of poetry, Frostdinglar (Icicles), was published when she was twenty by one of Iceland's leading publishers. Her art has been exhibited in the USA, Asia and Europe. She has performed and lectured at festivals around the world. Her work has been published in anthologies, TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers and on the Internet.

Her work has been translated to 12 languages.

In 2002 she edited the Book of Hope & the World Healing Book, global anthologies of poetry, prose and art. Birgitta is a member of United Poets & the Icelandic Writers Union. Birgitta is the founder of Beyond Borders Press and Radical Creations. Birgitta sometimes works as a journalist. Birgitta was turned into the cartoon Joy B by the Italian Cartoon Artist the Hand in 2005.

Her first novel The Chameleon's Diary was published in November 2005. In 2006 she translated the Four Agreements, a Toltek wisdom book by don Miguel Ruiz and Moral lessons of the Twentieth century, conversations between Ikeda and Gorbachev.

Birgitta has devoted her time in the last years to the struggle to save the pristine Icelandic highlands from destruction for heavy industry for aluminum smelters from multinational corporations and to radical movements for peace and tolerance. She organized Poets against the War, Artists against the War and various other creative demonstrations before and after the war against Iraq. She was the spokes person and co-organizer for the first Saving Iceland international protest camp in 2005. She co-founded with others in 2008 Friends of Tibet in Iceland and various other grassroots movements for the last few years. In 2008 she was one of the primus motors in various grassroots movements and helped co-found Solitary a coalition of the grassroots movements for social change because of the economical collapse in Iceland, shortly there after she founded with others the Civic Movement a political movement that ran for parliamentary election in April 2009. The movement got more then 7% of the vote despite the fact they were only formed 8 weeks before elections and had no money to spend. They got 4 members of Parliament. The Civic Movement is a hit and run party - its main aim is to bring on democratic reform, bring more power to the people and to work as a horizontal movement. In the summer of 2009 a faction of the Civic movement made a hostile takeover at the annual meeting and changed the fundamental laws about the functions of the Civic Movement - changing it from a movement to party politics. That takeover resulted in all the MPs to leaving the Civic Movement. They created the Movement in order to preserve the integrity of the hit and run policy and horizontal structure of power. Birgitta is one of the Members of Parliament for the Movement.