Saturday 09:45

Förmiddagsfika Saturday

Coffee/te and a light bite - Conference Room

Saturday 10:00

OpenCare: The Future of welfare in the hands of hackers

Conference Room

The migration issue dominates the European political debate. The influx of migrants, some people say, will break the European welfare system. Any new person coming in is reducing the amount of care that others can get. Care is a zero-sum game. Is ...

It turns out that, when faced with care challenges, communities rise to meet them. By doing so, they step outside of our current paradigm, one of provision of care services by a combination of the state and private business. This changes the game completely to one of decentralization and reciprocity. These services often display an uncanny degree of efficiency. So no, care provision does not need to be zero-sum. There are unexploited resources in the system. But they cannot easily be added to our existing care system. They are too strange: ad hoc, blurry at the edges, often existing in legal gray areas. Unfundable.

In this talk, we explore some of the amazing care services that communities are providing - right now - to people that the state and private business have let down. We then ask how we, as the tech community, could support these initiatives to become more resilient and to scale where possible.

Saturday 11:00

In the absence of progress

Conference Room (en)

The future isn't what it used to be. Across the western countries, people have lost faith in the basic promise of economic progress, that each generation will grow up to lives of greater prosperity, security and opportunity than their parents' gen...

Saturday 12:00

Power, politics and imaginations of artificial intelligence

The case of the driverless car - Conference Room

My research is an 'ethnography of ethics' that follows the mainstream visibility for and emergence of a new technology in society – artificial intelligence in the context of the driverless car. In this, ethics is being deployed as a proxy vocabula...

Saturday 13:00

Lunch Saturday

Conference Room

Saturday 14:15

Devuan GNU+Linux

where we are, how we got here, where we are going - Conference Room (en)

Devuan GNU+Linux is a fork of Debian without systemd. Its Beta release marks an important milestone towards the sustainability and the continuation of Devuan as a universal base distribution.

Devuan Jessie provides continuity as a safe upgrade ...

Saturday 15:00

Eftermiddagsfika Saturday

Coffee/te and a light bite - Conference Room

Saturday 15:15

Privacy, you keep on using this word…

The politics behind notions of privacy on the internet - Conference Room (en)

Privacy has become a buzz word in the tech industry and internet governance in recent years. Like many other buzz words, it has different meanings and uses in different times and places. But notions of privacy on the internet have been an ongoin...

Saturday 16:15

Body and Property

A meditation on VR, blockchains, and how user interface shapes human identity - Conference Room (en)

In cryptographic spaces, we are abstracts - a secret bitstring which creates digital signatures which transfer value or create secret channels over which private communication may occur. Knowing secrets, and penetrating other's secrets, are absolu...

Saturday 17:00

Sauna and such

Conference Room

For all stayover guests, access to the hotel spa is included in the price. This includes pools, saunas and much more. See

Saturday 18:30


Conference Room

Sunday 09:45

Förmiddagsfika Sunday

Coffee/te and a light bite - Conference Room

Sunday 10:00

The Magical Lives of Corporate Software Developers

Conference Room

Since the invention of the personal computer in the 1970s, computers have become increasingly part of our daily practices, yet the majority of users of digital media still lack a basic understanding of who is shaping their reality and how they are...

Sunday 11:00

Civic Tech for Democratic Change in Hungary

Conference Room

Since the moment nationwide internet penetration has started to increase all over the globe, academics and practitioners working on the ground have seen the internet as the source of endless opportunities to use new technology in citizen empowerme...

Sunday 12:00

Brunch Sunday

Conference Room

Sunday 13:15

Empowerment. What does that even mean?!

Conference Room (en)

"MailChimp is designed to empower our users to send great email that helps grow their audiences and businesses."

"We, as a Salesforce Admins, are empowering the sales reps to use Salesforce more efficiently."

"We are excited to empower our u...

Sunday 14:15

Period tracking

At the interface of technologies, female reproductive health and cultural norms of body & gender - Conference Room (en)

For this talk we will have a closer look at the usage of period tracking and its implications on socio-cultural concepts of female reproductive health. By sharing some insights of qualitative research that I conducted with users of the period trac...

Sunday 15:00

Eftermiddagsfika Sunday

Coffee/te and a light bite - Conference Room

Sunday 15:15

Collective Action in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing

Conference Room

This paper will explore the intersection between technological development and social fragmentation. Since it has been claimed that we have entered a phase of ‘everyware’ (Greenfield, 2006), wherein software is ubiquitous in everyday life, debate ...

Sunday 16:15

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Virtual Business

Conference Room

In 2008, Bitcoin, the world's first intrinsic internet protocol for money came about. Since then, there has been an
amazing development in the underlying blockchain technology, that now has a number of other use cases, including finance, media an...

Sunday 17:00

Sunday 18:15

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